Monday, July 6, 2009

100 Protesters Killed and 2,700 Detained

According to Iranian journalist Omid Habibinia, in excess of one hundred protesters have been killed in the course of the election crisis. Quoted in the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, he also reports [english] that 2,700 people have so far been incarcerated and 50 journalists arrested.
"According to our records more than 100 people were killed between Tehran and other Iranian cities. On June 20th alone, more than 30 people were killed by the police and the militias.... A few bodies have been returned families on assurance that there was no funeral or talk of what had happened.... Hospitals were required to provide certificates of death with a diagnosis of heart attacks or car accidents..."
On his Twitter feed, Omid reports that hundreds of detainees families gathered in front of Evin Prison in Tehran again today, Sunday 5th July, 2009.

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