Friday, July 17, 2009

Live Blog on Tehran's Key Friday 17th July

An estimated 1 to 1.5 million took part in protest today.

Compilation Video from Today:

People make their way to prayer earlier:

Mousavi at Friday Prayers in Tehran.

Later as crowds gather:

More Videos Here. And Here

Heavy clashes reported between Pro-Khamaeni and Pro-Reformists around Tehran University. People have started protesting in nearby streets but security forces are trying to disperse them.
Tear gas & batons were used. Unprecedented scenes during prayer time.

Facebook Video of protests at Tehran Uni 1:50pm Tehran Time.

Large crowd reported heading for Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting HQ.

Facebook Video of tear gas incident.

Riots all over Tehran. Heavy clashes. People mobilizing en masse. 3:30pmTehran

For the last hour, videos are being deleted from YouTube in large numbers as quickly as they are posted.

Widespread use of tear gas and knives, with stabbings being reported. Clashes reported in front of the University and around Enqelab Sq.

Thousands converging on the Ministry of Interior.

Emergency declared for Greater Tehran. Communications Shutdown.

People moving towards "vezarate keshvar" chanting: Military support us!

However army bases are reported on lockdown, precisely to prevent this.

Interior Ministry in Fatemi surrounded by up to 20 thousand, Tear gas and Basij everywhere, people are pushing in.

People shouting and screaming their lungs out --furious and not afraid.

Mashhad declared emergency. Tabriz reporting heavy clashes.

All communication from Shiraz cut.

Hundreds of thousands now on Tehran's streets. 5:30pm Tehran

Clashes spreading to all of the city central areas, gunshoots heard.

Mass street fighting with Basij taking casualties.

Numbers growing at TV station and Interior Ministry.

Via Tehran Bureau, crowds today extended from Gisha to Tehran University with an estimated 1 to 1.5 million people taking part. Largest protests since the initial Revolution Sq. to Freedom Sq. demonstration.

Karoubi Attacked at Friday Prayers > Karoubi's son: The plain clothes forces who attacked my father were congratulated by their commander on their radio!

At least 100 ppl arested today during clashes.

Protests in some part of Tehran countinued until midninght.

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