Thursday, July 30, 2009

Neda “40th Day” Memorial Rallies

Estimated 4,000+ in cemetry and up
to 50,00 in Tehran center at protests

Screen grabs of 'shooting' from the video below:

Claims are being made that this was a pistol shot.
But at 44 seconds into the video below, the officer
can be seen behind a tree --loading a cartridge:

The size is clearly too large for a pistol:

Huge muzzle flash. Likely a teargas launcher/rubber bullet:

Early video from the Memorial at
the Behesht-e-Zahra Cemetery, Tehran

Tehran center - video at approx 6pm Tehran time:

Other Videos:

50+ videos of today's protests: here and here

Major Media Reports:

Opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi was prevented from joining other mourners by security forces. Police fired tear gas and beat anti-government protesters with batons. Despite riot police presence around the perimiter, thousands entered the cemetery and are now moving towards Mosala.

Parvin Fahimi, the mother of slain protester Neda Soltan was prevented from attending the memorial. According to ABC's Jim Scuitto: 'for reasons I can't say, I cannot attend the ceremony of my own daughter'.

Filmmakers Jafar Panahi and Mahnaz Mohammadi were arrested today at the cemetery.

Protesters have also gatherd in Seyde Khandan, Hafte Tir, Vanak and Vali Asr. Army helicopters are reported flying over Tehran's center. Beheshti Avenue is full of people, with the crowd chanting slogans against the regime. 3,000 protesters have gathered around Grand Mosalla according to AFP.

Clashes are now reported at Vanak, Ferdowsi and Valiasr and Haft Hoz Squares.

Intense conflict between protesters and police with Basij suport in Abbasabad St.

Unconfirmed report that one person has been killed in Valiasr Street. 7:55pmTehran

Heavy clashes now across much of Tehran center. Tear gas and gunfire against the backdrop of fires lit by protesters to help alleviate tear gas effects.

Gunshots heard at Fatemi Sq. Protesters clash with army near Interior Ministry.

Unconfirmed: Mousavi spotted near Mosalla.

Protests in Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, and forming in Tabriz. Clashes later reported in Shiraz, Rasht, Ahvaz, Isfehan, Mashhad, Oromieh, Mahabad.

Two young men arrested and placed inside a van, but a group of demonstrators broke windows and pulled the men out of vehicle.

Intense protests continue in Tehran's center after nightfall.

Latest @ 9:50pm Tehran time

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