Friday, July 17, 2009

Rafsanjani Speaks - The People Move On


Rafsanjani's damp squib speech was a yesterday's man's address. We waited this long for.... that!?

It tainted him and all the opposition politicians who attended. They have dithered, and slowed the people's momentum.

Now, their attempt to hijack the Revolution has drowned in a lot of Rafsanjani waffle about the previous revolution; and in talk of negotiating with killers and oppressors.

The initiative is back with the people. Back with the streets.

Nothing will stop them.


"Today I will propose a solution for today's situation."

Rafsajani is telling the history of early days of Islam and Mohammad.

Rafsanjani talking about the importance of science, knowledge & ppl's rights in prophet's islamic gov.

Rafsanjani seems to be on the verge of crying! Am I hearing right?!

Now talking about how prophet was worred about differences & discord happened among his ppl b4 his death.

And YES. his voice was shaking when talking about prophet's death.

Rafsanjani talking about China. PPl: Death to China.

Rafsanjani asked them not to chant. Because of the "speical" circumstances & what's going on the nearby streets!?

Saying I was there in every moment of the revolution. I know what Imam wanted.

According 2 #iran constitution everything is done with ppl's vote. Even supreme leader.

Unfortunately #iranelection was a big loss for everyone. We need unity.

His suggestions: (1) we should return ppl's trust.

(2) everyone has to act according to the law.

(3) We should create an environment that ppl can talk and discuss.

He's blaming the guardian council. ppl (not clear which side) chanting! (Basij chanting in support of Khamenei, yet Raf keeps thanking them as though they r chanting 4 him)

He asked for releasing the detainees. AND his voice is shaking!!

He said we should try to gain the trust of those who are mourning. Although difficult.
Longer version now here.

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