Friday, July 17, 2009

The Revolution Will Not Be Hijacked

It's coming up to 1:30pm in Tehran right now, but already, before Rafsanjani has even begun to speak: there's a reek of sellout in the air.

That's not surprising with Rafsanjani involved. It's the sort of thing to be expected from a master political chess-player. And yes, this is politics Jim. But not as we know it.

Mousavi should know it. Greatness came out of the shadows and thrust itself opon him. That greatness rode on the shoulders of a people inspired with detestation for an oppressive government, rather than a love of Mousavi. But it was greatness nonetheless.

There is talk of working within the system. But nothing less than the departure of Ahmadinejhad and/or the no-longer-Supreme Leader will do.

Absent these systemic changes, by showing up to listen to Rafsanjani, Mousavi will cast that greatness to the winds of politics. Old politics.

The politics of the back room. The politics of vested interests. If Mousavi does this it will be a calamitous error. Iran may very well take a step forward. But it wants to take a giant leap, and Mousavi should know this.

The people know it. They have not come this far and shed this much blood to make an incremental advance. This is not about an election, nor is it any longer about Mousavi. It's about time.

It's about time, that Iran embraced it's own greatness. And the people know that. After all it is their Revolution. Over the last few weeks, while the leaders played old politics, the people were out in the streets constructing a new politics. A politics without leaders. A politics capable of solving Iran's massive national problems.

The Genie is not only out of the bottle. The Genie has smashed the bottle and has no intention of ever returning to it.

Politicians everywhere tremble at the thought.

And scramble to hijack the Revolution.

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